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We look forward to seeing you at The Centerville Coeds Invitational on Sunday, February 25, 2018. The event will be held at Centerville High School, 500 E. Franklin Street, Centerville, Ohio.

This competition is sanctioned by Showcase America Unlimited, and will be conducted according to their rules. Qualified SCAU judges will handle all judging. Our awards will begin no later than 6:00 pm so the day will not be extremely long.

For more information and registration:
2018 Invitational Letter and Registration


Dancers have an opportunity to become a member of the Centerville National Honor Society for Dance Arts through the dance programs at Centerville High School. Please reference instructions below on how to become a member.

  • Visit ndeo.org
  • Click on Honor Society
  • Scroll down to STUDENTS – Find Your Chapter & Apply…click on it
  • Find your Chapter
    • Chapter Name: Centerville High School Dance Program
    • City: Centerville              State: Ohio
    • Chapter Type: Secondary Chapter (9th-12th)
  • You will see our chapter show up and click APPLY (Once you have applied, Coach Redmond will order your certificate and graduation pin & cords)
  • Check out Dance Arts Now! NHSDA Newsletter…Submit interesting events and projects our chapter is doing to earn national recognition.
  • NHSDA Award – National Dance Education Organization Artistic Merit, Leadership and Academic Achievement Award (learn more on how to apply!)


Please make yourself and your dancer aware of the following policies and procedures. Links to documents are included and require you and your dancer’s signature. All documentation must be on file before the first day of camp in July.

Disapproval of school citizenship registered by the principal will result in disciplinary action or dismissal from the team. 

Failure to comply with Coeds regulations may result in suspension, demerits or dismissal from Coeds. 


All Coeds are expected to be in good scholastic standing to remain active on the team. Coeds must follow the policy for scholastic standards set by the Centerville School District.  To be eligible, a student must in the quarter preceding the activity:

  • The student must have a minimum 2.0 grade point average and no more than one F in any class.
  • OR
  • The student must have a 1.500-1.99 grade point average and no more than one F in any class and two mandatory study table sessions per week.

*Failure to attend two study table sessions per week will result in INELIGIBILITY for seven calendar days.

A student is ineligible to participate in any form of activity (including practices) if in the quarter preceding the activity:

  • The student has a 1.499 grade point average or below.
  • OR
  • The student has more than one F as the final quarter grade. 

If a member leaves or is dismissed from the team for any reason, she is ineligible for further tryouts, unless approval from the director is obtained.


The Athletic Code of Conduct by Centerville Schools is enforced.


Code of Conduct


Coeds should be in good physical condition.  Every dancer must have an updated physical and Emergency Medical form before the first day of camp in July.

Options for examinations are your child’s pediatrician, Kroger Minute Clinic for $33.00 (you’ll receive 50 fuel points) &/or CVS Minute Clinic.

Physical Form


The merit & demerit system is used to reward good behavior and discipline poor behavior.  A Coed can earn merits through the year and 3 merits will remove 1 demerit. If a Coed uses no personal days throughout the season 1 demerit will be removed from her record. If she has no demerits, she will receive 3 merits to begin the new season.

Other opportunities to earn merits are given throughout the season (i.e. volunteering for special events/activities, working extra hard at practice, 4 A’s at the end of each grading period).

  • 1 demerit for unexcused absence from weekly practice (includes technique class)
  • 1 demerit for tardy to practice or Coed event
  • 1 demerit for non-compliance
  • 1 demerit for insubordination
  • 3 demerits for unexcused absence from mandatory practice or performance
  • 3 demerits for public displays of affection &/or inappropriate display on social media

When a dancer compiles 10 demerits within a year she is prohibited from the next 2 performances but is still expected to attend all Coed practices and performances. 

When a member compiles 13 demerits, she is automatically dismissed from the team. 

When an officer compiles 7 demerits, she loses her officer position, but will still remain a team member. 

The Director may give demerits either directly or upon recommendation of officers. 

Permission to be absent from a practice or performance MAY ONLY BE OBTAINED FROM THE DIRECTOR.  Request should be presented to the Director at least 24 hours before a practice and at least 4 days prior to a performance.  Failure to do so will result in an unexcused absence.

  • Attendance is mandatory…All Coeds are required to attend all practices and performances unless they have an excuse that is considered legitimate by the Director (i.e. illness, death in the family, religious holiday, school event for which a grade is received, physical injuries).   Practice should not be missed for a date, baby-sitting, a job, a doctor’s appointment.
  • A phone call, text or email must be made to the director if your dancer will be absent from practice.
  • If your dance is running a fever or is very sick, she should not attend practice.  However, if the dancer is not contagious, she is strongly encourage to attend practice and observe. Because Coeds is a team sport, it is extremely important for the entire team to be present in some capacity at all practices.
  • 4 personal days are available to each dancer (one per quarter). The dancer must fill out a personal day form at least 24 hours in advance for approval by the director. Personal days only carry over per semester.
    Include link to personal day form
  • If a dancer wishes to take a personal day on the last practice before a football or basketball performance, they must have a personal day to use and receive approval 24 hours before the practice. The dancer must meet with an officer and work for 30 minutes on the routine which will be performed.
  • If a dancer wishes to take a personal day on the last practice before a competition performance, the requirements are:
  1. The dancer must a have a personal day.
  2. The dancer will receive 1 demerit. In addition, the dancer must meet with an officer on Friday for one hour and work on all routines.
  3. If you have no personal days remaining, you will receive 3 demerits. You will meet with an officer on Friday for one hour and work on all routines.
  4. If you do not meet with an officer on Friday, then you will not perform at the competition.

Coeds are allowed 4 excused tardies per year.  After that, they will receive 1 demerit for being late.  Practices are closed to everyone, except the last 15 minutes of practice.

  • A Coed should be in school at least one half day in order to perform that same day at a football or basketball game.  Her performing will be at the director’s discretion.
  • Any Coed not attending a performance will be given demerits or may be dismissed from the team unless prior arrangements have been made with the Director.

Bus transportation is provided to all performances held away from the school.  These buses leave from and return to the school.

All Coeds must ride the bus to and from the site of the performance unless approved by the Director.  Attendance will be taken before the bus departs and again before it returns.  The bus cannot be held for latecomers.  You must be there at the designated time.

When riding a school bus, all Coeds are expected to conduct themselves properly.

If other arrangements need to be made for a dancer who cannot ride the bus a parent must complete an Alternative Transportation Form prior to the event and receive approval by the director.

Alternate Transportation Form


  • Specific practice wear is required and must be worn at every practice. If a practice item is lost or broken, it must be replaced or repaired in order for the dancer to participate at practice.
  • Hair must be worn in a ponytail or bun, and pulled neatly away from the face.
  • Only small earrings are permitted at practice. All other jewelry is prohibited.
  • Half-slips are required for technique at practice.
  • Absolutely no gum chewing during practice.
  • Cell phones must be placed on silent and turn into the cell phone bin at the beginning of each practice.
  • All Coeds must wear specified Coed attire to school & competitions.
  • All dancers must wear the required Coed makeup for all performances and competitions.  Makeup is applied slightly heavier than normal for all performances.
  • Competition Hair must be worn in the specific style designated by the Director.

All dancers must attend practice, technique and special events on time.

  • All dancers must wear the required attire to all specified events.
  • Dancers must ask for permission to enter technique if they arrive late.
  • Dancers must bring water to all practices.
  • Dancers must be open to receiving feedback and work to apply the information to their dancing.
  • Dancers must bring dance shoes, poms and other supplies needed to all practices.
    Dancers must be respectful to their officers, directors, other Coed coaches and board members at all times.
  • Dancers must not speak negatively about their fellow team members.
  • Dancers are encouraged to approach their directors with concerns and issues in order to keep the vibe of the team positive and encouraging!

Forms / Documents

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