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Congratulations to the 2017-18 Varsit...

Congratulations to the 2017-18 Varsity Lyrical Cast!

Sierra Franck Ami Berkemeier Bethany Ekeh Emily Glass Brooke Feldmeyer Kenzi Neri Emma Graham Olivia Perry Stephanie Reith Molly Schuter Apprentice: Natalie Cummings

Orange Bowling with the Coeds!

The Varsity Coed team held a bowling fund raiser on July 22nd at Poelking Lanes to support their upcoming trip to the Orange Bowl.  The event was a HUGE success thanks to the support of the following sponsors: Archers Arrow Wine Bagger Dave’s Bath Fitters Big League Haircuts BTI Centerville Noon Optimists City BBQ Connor Group […]

Centerville Coeds Dance in 4th of Jul...

First event of the 2017-18 Coed season is kicked off at the Americana Festival in downtown Centerville.  All five teams performed in the parade and enjoyed the celebration!

Coed Cutie Jazz and Pom Selections

Congratulations to Coed Cutie 2017-2018 Jazz Selection: Claire McDermitt, Erin Buchanan, Riley Turpin, Addison Bakan, Chloe Marks, Kayla Hurley, Sophie Korchinski, Avery Staudt, Apprentices: Aurora Staver, Caitlin Neff —- Pom Selection: Ella Stroop, Eliana Heileman, Ashley Sig, Sophia Bubulya, Caitlin Neff, Aurora Staver, Avery Stuadt, Sophie Korchinski, Kayla Hurley, Chloe Marks, Addison Bakan, Riley Turpin, Erin Buchanan, Claire McDermitt

Congratulations Coed Elkettes

Congratulations to the 2017-2018 Coed Elkettes: Brooke Balser, Brooklyn Beltz, Rachel Bowling, Lainey Burckart, Violet Burckart, Ainsley Corbin, Paige Cummings, Sophia DeAnthony, Pixie Edsall, Brooke Elsass, Abby Fairs, Sophia Fladen, Jamie Gabrielson, Sofia Gomez, Addison Haines, Elena Hall, Katie Hatfield, Hope Heileman, Cadence Holman, Kenzington Holt,  Addison Kocher, Sydney Korpusik, Leah Matthews, Allie Milner, Brace Redmond, Parker Redmond, Abby Reitz, Mira Stroop, Lauren Sproull, Bella Tharp

Officers for Coed Junior Team 2017-20...

Congratulations to the new Officers: Captain – Riley DiFilippo, Co-Captain – Megan Gabrielson, Lieutenants – Sofija Keller, Mara Jade Rouse, Team Members: Emma Blanford, Teagan Brunello, Emily Durnbaugh, Ava Lierly, Ashley Reith, Avery Silverberg, Paige Squibb  

Officers – Coed Varsity Team 20...

Congratulations to the New Coed Varsity Officers: Captain – Sierra Franck, Co-Captain – Ami Berkemeier, Co-Captain – Bethany Ekeh, Squad Leader – Alyssa Belmaggio, Squad Leader – Brooke Feldmeyer, Squad Leader – Emily Glass, Team Members: Natalie Cummings, Emily Edwards, Emma Graham, Chloe Mann, Hannah Matthews, Becca Mount, McKenzie Neri, Olivia Perry, Stephanie Reith, Molly Schutter Apprentices: Leah Berkebile, Paige Burkhart, Natalie DeCuir, Mya Savino



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