Annual Events / Concerts


Annual 5-Team Events: Events are coordinated by the 5-Team Coordinator with support from the team directors and coaches.  Forty five days prior to an event an announcement will be sent out via email and an announcement will be made on the web site.

4th of July Parade is an opportunity for all Coed dancers to come together to celebrate with the Centerville Band and the rest of the Centerville community.  Dancers follow the Centerville Band in the parade and will perform throughout the parade.

Father/Daughter Dance is a fall 5-team event held at the CHS (gym, commons). Beverages and snacks will be funded by the Coed budget and will be hosted by the Varsity Team.  Decorations include a fall theme and we are always sure to take those memorable pictures of Fathers with their Daughters.

Dayton River Run – This is a community service project usually on a Saturday in September or October.  The city of Dayton holds a running event and our girl’s fill and pass out cups of water to the hundreds of runners.  This committee arranges transportation, supplies and participation.   Also they supply donuts and orange juice for all the girls and parents. (is this a 5 team event or just Varsity?)

5 team Trunk or Treat is a Halloween celebration that is held in the middle of the week prior to Halloween.  Varsity Dancers and parents decorate the trunks of their vehicles and create an opportunity to share “treats” with the younger dancers.  Everyone dresses up in their favorite Halloween costumes.

St. Leonard’s Performance is a December event where all Coed teams perform at least 1 dance and at the most 3. Each team coordinates bringing holiday cookies for the St. Leonard’s residents. Dancers are encouraged to mingle with the residents and share holiday cheer.

5-Team Dress Rehearsal is held in January in the CHS (front gym). Each team is allotted time to performs their competition season dances (solos from teams included).  The event allows for teams to resolve costume challenges and finishing polishing competition dances.  Parent viewing is at the discretion of each team’s director.

Nationals is held in April at the Bank of Kentucky in Newport, KY and provides an opportunity for dancers to compete against other state recognized teams.  Competition begins on Friday evening and extends through Sunday afternoon.  All 5 teams attend and perform.  The event is the culmination of all the girls work during the year.

5 Team Performance Recognition event is held after Nationals and is the final performance of the year.  The event provides an opportunity for friends and family to view the competition dances.  Event is held in the CHS front gym mid April. Coeds will receive seasonal awards and honors.


  • Fall – Company Concerts
  • 1st Semester – Dance Concert
  • Holiday Extravaganza
  • Spring – Company and Company II
  • 2nd Semester – Dance Concert



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