Coed Board Positions

Varsity/Junior Board Positions

Varsity Director: Tenille Redmond

Assistant Varsity Director: Sarah Izor

Junior Director: Beth Edsall

Junior Coach/Varsity Choreographer: Rachel Feldmeyer

President: Meryl Matthews

Vice President/Booster Rep: Leticia McKnight

Varsity Co-Treasurers: Paula Graham

Junior Treasurer: Mark Squibb

Secretary: Billie Glass

Junior Booster Rep: 

Jr/Varsity Ways & Means: Jeff and Cinda Perry

Varsity Uniforms: Teresa Feldmeyer

Junior Uniforms: Sharon Silverberg

PR & Marketing: Amy Mount

Travel Coordinator: Kathy Franck

Co-Travel Coordinator:  Bryan Burckart

Invitational Coordinator: Tim Franck

Varsity Hospitality: Nancy Decuir

Junior Hospitality: Luann DiFilippo

5-Team Coordinator: Carolyn Zangri

The following outline the key board positions as well as key volunteer positions which will be filled to support the Centerville Coeds.  It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a town to manage a competitive dance team.  Please review and be aware of how you can contribute to the Centerville Coeds.


  • Shall have one vote as a Board member, even if there is more than one Director.
  • Director is responsible for all property in his/her care and said property shall be returned in good condition when leaving the team.
  • All incurred expenses are prepaid or reimbursed upon tendering of a receipt to the Treasurer
  • Select with Board president the hiring of the Assistant Director/Coaches
  • Select with Assistant Director/Coaches the student demonstrators. Number of student demonstrator is at the discretion of the director and may reflect the size of the team.
  • Hire & Fire and Assistant Director/Coaches
  • Act as liaison between team and parent board
  • Process all Competition Applications
  • Handle administrative requirements for scheduling (building use forms, communication, etc.)
  • Direct all correspondence to parents
  • Handle all costume decisions
  • Collaborate with assistant director/coaches on all creative matters including, but not limited to, themes, costumes, and choreography.


  • Minimum requirement, high school graduate
  • Run weekly practices
  • Select with the Director the student demonstrators. Number of student demonstrator is at the discretion of the director and may reflect the size of the team.
  • Collaborate with director on all creative matters including, but not limited to, themes, costumes, and choreography.
  • Attend all competitions and other related activities.



  • Shall preside at all parent meetings and all Board meetings
  • Shall act as liaison between the directors and the parents
  • May attend all meetings of standing committees and may appoint special committees as deemed necessary
  • Select with team director the Assistant Director/Coach(es)
  • Shall act as member of the 4-team Board and attend the 2 required meetings.

Vice President / Athletic Boosters

  • Shall in the absence of the President, perform his/her duties
  • Shall be in charge of planning and implementing any special events as requested by the President
  • *Shall serve as scholarship chairperson
  • Shall be the team representative with the Centerville Athletic Boosters Club
  • Shall coordinate the renewal and sale of business Ads for the Fall Booster Sports Program
  • Coordinate the distribution of team posters to local businesses throughout the community


  • Shall take minutes at all Board meetings and provide a copy for each member at the following month’s meeting
  • Shall send out correspondence as requested by the President or Director


  • Shall maintain an accurate and detailed account of all money received and disbursed
  • Shall submit a statement at regular meetings, Board meetings and a detailed statement of receipts and expenditures at a parent meeting.
  • Shall deposit all money in a bank approved by the Board in the name of the Centerville Coeds.
  • Shall pay by check all bills, supported with receipts, submitted by Board members of chairpersons incurred on behalf of the Coeds.
  • Shall preserve all vouchers, receipts, bank statements, and cancelled checks and make these available to the auditor.
  • Shall prepare an annual financial report for the year ending May 31 of each year for submittal to an independent certified public accountant for processing prior to the annual filing with the appropriate government agencies as required.
  • Shall maintain appropriate insurance for all Coed activities.
  • Shall submit an annual budget at a June or July Board meeting.
  • Is responsible for all team fundraising activities unless another Board position is created.


  • Be a current Coed dancer. Demonstrators are not permitted to work with the team of the next level under their own.
  • Assist in weekly practices and technique classes as seen by the director of said team.


Uniform / Costumes

  • Shall chair the Uniform Committee
  • Shall work with the Coed Director to properly uniform all Coeds
  • Shall be in charge of obtaining, maintaining, and properly storing all Coed uniforms
  • Shall inform Treasurer of any portion of the deposit or additional money owed to the team by a Coed who loses or mistreated Coed-owned equipment
  • Shall inform Treasurer of refunds due
  • Shall provide information to each Coed on the maintenance and care of her uniforms

Ways and Means

  • Shall chair the Ways and Means Committee
  • Shall plan and conduct fundraising activities upon the request of the Board in order to obtain the needed monies to support the Coeds in their school and community activities and performances.
  • Shall be responsible for the Coed Raffle Fundraiser including establishing locations, business days, printing of tickets, and distribution of tickets to each dancer and collection of tickets/monies.


  • Shall chair the Travel Committee
  • Shall be in charge of planning, arranging and coordinating the transportation in conjunction with the Director for any special Coed activities, events or performances.
  • Shall be responsible for the planning, arranging, and coordinating of any meals or overnight accommodations that are deemed necessary in making special Coed appearances or performances.


  • Shall chair the Invitational Committee
  • Shall be in charge of planning, organizing the Centerville Invitational

PR & Marketing

  • Shall coordinate web development
  • Shall coordinate having videos taken during competitions
  • Shall ensure pictures are available for an end of year slide show (and will coordinate having the slide show developed)
  • Shall coordinate with the High School to ensure Coeds are represented in the year book
  • Shall coordinate / develop an end of year photo book of key memories of the year for each team member
  • Shall assist director with marketing opportunities

Creative Services

  • Shall coordinate making advisory signs for each Varsity Coed (January)
  • Shall coordinate competition cheer signs (for Nationals)
  • Shall coordinate the decorations of the dressing rooms at Nationals
  • Shall coordinate Hair Moms to attend all competitions and assist with hair preparation throughout competition day


  • Shall coordinate Coed events including Holiday Party, “C” Party, Camp & Competition Food, End of year Banquet
  • Shall seek volunteers to assist as needed
    • Coed Summer Tea (Pool Party)
    • Holiday Party – coordinate food and supplies for the holiday gift exchange (December)
    • “C” Party – A “pep: rally party to kick start the competition season (January)
    • Competition Food – make arrangements for team lunches and dinners as needed throughout the competition season
    • Banquet (May)– Final event of the year which includes all parents and Coeds. Event is held in one of the CHS Commons.  Awards and scholarships are given out and all seniors are recognized.  Coordinate food, table decorations, bulletin, video, etc.  Every effort is made to work with the school to cater the event.


The annual fees will be established by the Board at the beginning of each fiscal year.  All fees are to be paid by the date stated at the initial parent meeting or arrangement made for partial payments with the Treasurer.  Special financial arrangements can be made by contacting the Treasurer.  The fiscal year shall be from June 1 through May 31.  All fees are non-refundable.

Videography – This committee records all the activities and events throughout the year on still pictures, digital pictures and videotape.  The committee is responsible for creating an annual tape chronicling the Coeds year.  This tape is then made available to parents and Coeds.

*Applicable only to the Coed Varsity Dance Tea

Parent Responsibilities

  • Join the Centerville Athletic Boosters – The Booster organization provides financial support to the athletic teams, therefore each parent is required to participate in the Boosters affiliated events and fundraising.
  • Volunteer for Raffle sales shifts – Coeds have 2-4 weekends of raffle business days and one parent will be with the girls during each shift.  Our business days cover the cost of ticket printing, as well as the $500.00 grand prize.   Parents are expected to participate in business days in order to sell door-to-door on your own.  The money taken in during business days is divided equally between the team.
  • Volunteer for Concession Sales –Shifts are scheduled for the Coeds to cover 6 hours of athletic events.  The Coeds have split the shift so the maximum time is 3 hours per shift.  All parents will need to sign up for 1 or 2 shifts.  Dates are provided as soon as they are received. Parents work at approximately 4 sporting events selling food from the snack bar.  In addition, we can provide spirit items for sale at the football games (parental obligation is ranked by dancer seniority). Any money earned from these items is given to the team.
  • Sign up for the Solo Competition – Key fundraiser for the Coeds.  All parents & Coeds are required to volunteer.  (December)
  • Sign up for the Invitational – Largest fundraiser for the Coeds.  All parents and Coeds are required to volunteer. (February/March)
  • Volunteer to Distribute Team posters – The team posters will need to be distributed and posted within local businesses (November / December)



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