COED Dance Teams

Varsity, Juniors, Intermediates, Cuties & Minis

The Coeds started in 1960 as a March and drill team that was part of the CHS Marching Band. Currently, the Coeds consist of 4-teams:  Varsity, Juniors, Intermediates, Cuties & Minis. The Varsity and Junior team is affiliated through the school and the CHS Athletic Boosters Organization, the other 3 sister teams are under the direction of individual parent boards and their directors. The Coeds are a dance competition based organization where dancers try out and be selected.  The Coeds provides dancers within the Centerville community an opportunity for contribute to the community and engage build strong relationships across the teams.

Each team is required to adhere to the following By-Laws to be in good standing with the Centerville Coed Organization.


Each current team director and their Board president will participate in the 4-Team Board.  The board will be required to meet 2 times a season. The board will approve each team’s fees and establish a discount for multiple dancer families. The board will discuss current issues within the organization and be the governing board in making changes to the structure, procedures and By-Laws of this organization.


There shall be one board meeting per month, except in the summer months unless otherwise deemed necessary by a Board member.  The director shall be present for all Board meetings or any other meetings held by parents.

A quorum at meetings shall consist of 50% of the board in order to conduct business.

There shall be a minimum of two parent meetings per year.  Special meetings shall be held when deemed necessary by the Board or when requested by parents representing 25% of the Coeds.  The Board will designate the date, time and place of all meetings.  A quorum at parent meetings shall consist of 50% of the parents in order to conduct business.


Each teams Board include the following officers, but is not limited to: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  The term of office for each of these positions is one year, but may be re-elected.  The President, however, may hold the position of President for as many years as their daughter is on said team.

The President and Director will discuss candidates to serve on the Board.  After this slate of candidates has been presented to parents, any parent may submit in writing an interest in serving as a Board member.   This offer should be submitted to the current President or to the Director of the team.  At the May Board meeting, an election will be held & voted on by current Board members.

Upon resignation of an elected officer, the Board shall appoint a replacement.  A Board member may be removed by a majority vote of the Board if in their judgment the Board member is not acting in the best interest of the Coeds.  The Board member in question has the right to a hearing before the Board prior to the vote.



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