Team Bio

The Varsity Coeds consists of Freshmen to Senior Centerville High School dancers.  The Coeds are a dance competition based organization where dancers try out and are selected based on commitment and skill. The tryouts are in May each year with technique training beginning in June. The dancers are expected to be available to take ongoing technique classes during the summer (when not on vacation) and will begin practices in July with a one week camp and then moving to daily practices in August.

The Varsity team is affiliated through Centerville High School and the CHS Athletic Boosters Organization. The Coeds dance for football, basketball and other events within the Centerville community.  The goal of the Coeds is to contribute to the community and to engage in building strong relationships across the teams.

Current Season of Events

Every 4 Year Varsity Event
Every 4 Year Florida Trip (Every 2 years)

Coeds Varsity 2018-2019 Competition Dates:



  • Tenille Redmond – Director
  • Sarah Izor – Coach
  • Rachel Feldmeyer – Coach

Varsity Team 2018-2019

  • Jordyn Bacon
  • Thomi Brown
  • Paige Burckart
  • Natalie Cummings
  • Natalie Decuir
  • Riley DiFilippo
  • Haley Donegia
  • Emily Edwards
  • Abby Elleman
  • Emma Graham
  • Chloe Mann
  • Hannah Matthews
  • Rebecca Mount
  • McKenzie Neri
  • Olivia Perry
  • Stephanie Reith
  • Mya Savino
  • Paige Squibb
  • Molly Schutter
  • Katie Wilson


  • Elise English
  • Grace Klein
  • Avery Silverberg
  • Nicole Sito

2016-2017 Varsity Team

Varsity Coed Captain: Sierra Franck is a senior at Centerville High School, where she has enjoyed dancing on the Centerville Coeds Varsity Dance Team for four years. Sierra enjoys performing with her teammates and the bond they share throughout the season. She was given the opportunity to teach the Coed Minis this year, which has furthered her leadership abilities tremendously. Sierra has earned a 4 year varsity letter and is a two-year scholar athlete. She also has enjoyed being a part of the Centerville Dance Company since freshmen year. In the near future, Sierra plans to attend a four-year college (hopefully at the University of Cincinnati).


Varsity Coed Co-Captain:   Ami Berkemeier  is a senior at Centerville High School. She is a 3 year member of the Coeds Varsity Dance Team and currently serves as Co-captain. Ami loves being able to compete and perform with her teammates and loves the close bond they all share. Ami has earned a varsity letter and is a two year scholar athlete.  Ami is also apart of the Centerville Dance program. She started in company ll her freshman and sophomore year and joined Company her junior and senior year. Through the dance program, Ami had joined the national honor society for dance arts. Ami is a member of the National Honor society, Vice President of the marketing block program and takes part in a variety of clubs. In the future Ami plans to study business at the University of Massachusetts


Varsity Coed Co-Captain:  Bethany Ekeh is a Senior at Centerville High School. She is a second year member on the Centerville Coeds Varsity Dance Team where she serves as Co-captain. Bethany has been involved in the Centerville Dance Program since her Freshman Year, and is a current member of the Centerville Dance Company. She has been dancing for 14 years. Along with several other clubs, Bethany is a scholar athlete, a member of the National Honors Society, involved in Unit Assembly, and an ambassador for the Mark A. Kreusch Memorial Fund. Coeds has given Bethany an amazing opportunity to support her school, make endless memories and long-lasting friendships while doing what she loves. In the future, Bethany plans to attend Miami University to study anthropology with a minor in French with hopes of attending Dental School.

Varsity Coed Squad Leader: Brooke Feldmeyer is a senior atCenterville High School. She is a four year member of the Coeds Varsity Dance Team. Brooke studied dance for many years at Terre’s Dance Workshop before joining Coeds.Brooke’s favorite aspect of Coeds is performing at CHS football and basketball games. Brooke aspires to dance on the Miami Dance Team, just like her older sister!



Varsity Coed Squad Leader: Alyssa Belmaggio-McKnight is a senior at Centerville High School and has been a varsity team member for three consecutive years. She enjoys supporting and competing with her team while watching all of their hard work payoff.After high school, Alyssa plans on attending The College of Charleston in South Carolina to study pre-medical sciences and minor in neurological studies.



Varsity Coed Squad Leader:  Emily Glass  is a senior at Centerville High School and currently serves as a Squad Leader on the Varsity Team. A member for two years, Emily loves performing and competing with her team. From Coeds, Emily earned her varsity letter, was recognized as a scholar athlete, and received the Centerville Coeds Scholastic Award. Outside of Coeds, Emily is a member of National Honor Society, National French Honor Society, and National Honor Society of Dance Arts. She is company student assistant for the Centerville Dance Company, and she has been a member of the Centerville dance program for four years. She also has been involved in five theatre productions at CHS, such as Anything Goescontributing as an actress, dance captain, and choreographer. Emily plans to attend a four year university in the fall.


Team Members

McKenzie Neri (Junior ’19)


Emily Edwards (Sophomore ’20)


Emma Graham (Sophomore ’20)


Chloe Mann (Sophomore ’20)


Olivia Perry (Sophomore ’20)


Leah Berkebile (Sophomore ’20)-apprentice


Hannah Matthews (Freshman ’21)


Rebecca Mount (Freshman ’21)


Stephanie Reith (Freshman ’21)


Molly Schutter (Freshman ’21)


Natalie Cummings – (Freshman ’21)


Natalie Decuir (Freshman ’21)- apprentice

Mya Savino (Freshman ’21)- apprentice

Paige Burkhart (Freshman ’21)- apprentice




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